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Aura Restoration

  • 1 h
  • 200 US dollars
  • Kansas City

Service Description

Have you ever felt drained, overwhelmed, or easily influenced by the negative energy around you? The tears, rips, holes, and snags in your aura can leave you vulnerable to absorbing others' negativity while causing your positive divine energy to leak out. It's time to address these energetic fractures and reclaim your power with our transformative Aura Restoration. Identify and Heal Energetic Tears: The 4th and 5th layers of your light body, which surround your physical form, are crucial for maintaining a balanced and vibrant aura. Our Aura Restoration targets and repairs the consistent tears in these layers, addressing the root causes that created them. Whether it's negative intimate relations between parents, psychological challenges during pregnancy, or fractures in the soul's awareness, our expert healers will guide you through the process of healing and harmonizing your energy field. Realign with Divine Gender Archetypes: Negative situations related to divine gender archetypes can leave lasting imprints on our energetic bodies. For instance, a father emasculating his son in public during puberty can create deep wounds that affect one's energetic alignment. Through our Aura Restoration, we bring awareness to these imbalances and work with the Archangels as spiritual tailors armed with holy needle and thread. They delicately mend the fabric of your aura, restoring your connection with the divine gender archetypes and empowering you to reclaim your authentic self. Release Energy Inefficiencies: Fractures in the aura diminish our natural ability to be energy-efficient. These openings allow external energy to penetrate while causing our positive energy to leak out. Before embarking on any healing work, it is essential to repair these fractures. Aura Restoration is designed to close the gaps, creating a protective shield that allows you to retain and cultivate your divine energy. By sealing these inefficiencies, you regain your energetic integrity and experience a newfound sense of balance and vitality. Book now for you session.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations All cancellations need to be made 24 hours in advance. Deposits are non-refundable. Onsite appointments are available. Travel charges apply Disclaimer By visiting this website, scheduling a consultation or appointment, and or booking a session with Coupling and the Cowry/Tamanna Crown/Melia Hoston, you understand and agree that Tamanna is a healing medium, Oshun priestess, planetary dowsing practitioner, but not a physician, psychotherapist, or other licensed professional. Her advice, healing sessions, and workshops are offered to supplement Western and Traditional medical protocols. Please consult your physician or other licensed healthcare professionals for any physical or psychological conditions you may be experiencing.

Contact Details

  • Kansas City, KS, USA

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