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5 SexEd classes that if were mandatory in High School your relationship wouldn't suck or be ending. 
Discover the skills to have good relationships on all levels.

  • Partially-actualized or unsatisfied sexual connection


  • Unawareness Negative detrimental(chi) energy effecting health or mood 


  • Lack of positive self-talk, one's emotions, desires, spirituality, strengths, and weaknesses

  • They recieved little to none REAL  relationship training for marriage. 

  • Trouble talking with significant other about feelings, needs or finances


  • Bad things that happened in the past making it hard to be happy with ourselves and love now. 

Most People Struggle to Build Successful Connections and Relationships Because....


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"Thank you, thank you, thank you." -Amor
"It's like illumination."

The sex value scale from -3 to 7 is a simple yet effective way of expressing individual neuropathway experience during lovemaking.

On this scale, -3 indicates an aversion to any form of sexual eng
agement, while 7 represents complete openness and fully protentional neuropathway expressed and accessed.

This scale serves as a valuable tool for fostering open communication and awareness of human sexual and spiritual potential. 


Discover Your Sexual Spectrum: Navigating the Human Sex Value Potential Scale...


sexual spectrum for tantra

Sexual Spectrum Scale

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Just Imagine If....

  • You could become the person your  lover can wait to be with because you make them feel that good. 


  • You can learn to feel calm and happy in every moment, without bringing any past hurts into current relationship.


  • You could feel seen and heard without constant frustration.

  • Heal yourself and your mate through intimate energy


  • You can trust and learn yourself more and let a higher power guide your life.


  • Be His Goddess or Her Hero effortlessly

  • The dream relationship inside and out so much so your friends will wonder how you did it

  • Create an upgraded energy space designed just for your best life

I’m here as living proof—you can experience all these things, but it starts by taking action.

Meet Your Guide

Few people know how to help people in a safe, therapeutic, and transformative way like Tamanna. As a Biologist, Diviner, Dowser and Tantrica with over 12 years experience. Tamanna has guided over hundreds of men level up in their sexual profiles; hundreds of women tap into their divine through feminine coaching. In this course, she’ll help you clarify your self-awareness so that it resonates in all other forms of relationships.  Tamanna has worked with leading spiritual teachers and help hundreds of men and women achieve fulfilment beyond what was thought . Now, she’s ready to teach you.

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How The LIVE Masterclass Will Transform Your Life

Inside my FREE Masterclass, you'll learn…

The 3-Pillars of energy

Connect with yourself, others, and the environment to know when to act to manifest or have tough conversations.

A New Approach to Intimacy & Sensuality

Change the way you approach your sensuality and create deeper intimacy easily.

How to Work With Me & Dive Deeper

To wrap up the Masterclass, I’ll tell you how to work with me via my premium online course to change impossibilities into a possible plan.


So, what are you waiting for?

 Rediscover your love profile and take control of your energetic field.

Let’s get started!

 Don't let frustration ruin your relationships or worse your dreams?

Get the 3 Essential Skills to Break FREE, FLOURISH, and get FREAKIN' Intimacy.  


Join me on my next LIVE FREE MASTERCLASS. Limited time only.


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Get the 3 Essential Skills to Break FREE, FLOURISH, and get FREAKIN' Intimacy.  


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