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In this second class, we'll explore cool ways to talk with your ancestors and some tricks.


Our awesome guide will help you make a special Ancestor Altar in a simple ancestor wisdom class.

In just a 30-minute class, you'll pick up skills like:

  • Placement
  • Using obi/coconut (like a tool to ask yes or no questions)
  • Using pendulums to ask questions
  • Use of dowsing rods to locate and ask question
  • Giving your ancestors a little snack
  • Having a fun ancestor party


**Pre-Order to be released 1/11, order before price increase. ***


This class IS the next level, where you'll get super good at chatting with your ancestors.


Don't miss the chance to start your journey with purpose and smarts. Grab your spot now and get ready for an amazing year with your ancestors cheering you on!


Get it now at the pre-order price before it goes up after 2/22. 


Bonus: You get the basic ancestor alter class free.

Advance Ancestor Alter Class and Basic Ancestor (Only $20 pre-order until 2/22)

$35.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
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