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Science of Success: Spirit of the Office for Growth and Revenue

When you think about the link between dreams, goals, and manifestation, do you think about the connection between vibrations or spirits of ancestors who have passed away? Is it essential to recognize these connections, and are there other vital vibrations that can and are related to business, too?

When it comes to where we spend most of our days, it's inside our offices; it's also a good idea to think about the energy that resides with us there.

A belief in the 'spirit of a place' is very ancient. In Persia, China, and Europe, it was always the custom to make offerings to the house spirit before entering a dwelling. No matter what you call it or how you see it, the spirit of our businesses can be a big part of our manifestation practices and daily routines.

The Office Symphony of Success

We often focus on strategies and connections with our team or clients in business growth and success. While these are crucial, there's another aspect frequently overlooked: the 'spirit of the place' within our office space.

Just as households have their protectors, our workplaces have their manifesting energy that can influence productivity and prosperity. Let's explore how acknowledging and respecting this 'spirit of the office' can enhance revenue and growth.

Understanding 'the Spirit of the Office' for growth and revenue

Like household energies, office energies are considered guardians and influencers within a workspace. They may take on various forms, affecting your worker's disposition and team synergy. These elements are deeply influenced by the history of the building, workplace emotions people experienced, electrical wiring, and copper or iron piping, just to name a few. All are potentially impacting the overall atmosphere and success.

Have you ever walked into your favorite Chinese or Thai restaurant and noticed what is at the front door or on the east side of the entrance?

Embracing Office Spirit Practices

Acknowledgment and Respect: Begin by recognizing the presence of 'the spirit of the place' or energies by showing respect. A simple greeting or acknowledgment of their role in the workspace can go a long way. Keeping things clean and walkways clear is another way.

Creating a Sacred Space for Growth and Revenue: Dedicate a small area within the office as a space for the 'spirit of the office.' Offerings such as fresh flowers, snacks, or a symbolic object can be placed there as a token of appreciation. I like to place my golden cat or a money crystal like citrine, or you can set it by your monthly goal objectives for an extra boost.

Office Bring Me Fortune: Conduct office cleansing for fortune or clearing the air in collaboration with 'the spirit of the office'. Invite the 'spirit of the office' to partake in these routines, seeking protection and guidance for a harmonious work environment.

Energetic and Routine Communication: Foster a relationship with 'through meditation or intentional artifact placement. Utilize tools like crystals, inspirational quotes, fine crystals, customized items, and some examples of artifacts that can be charged with your intention.

Symbolism and Logic: Integrate symbols and pictures associated with blessings and prosperity into the office décor. These can serve as reminders of the presence and influence of 'the spirit of the office,' and the universe is always manifesting.

Benefits of Honoring The Spirit of the Office for Growth and Revenue

Enhanced Protection: The Spirit of the office may provide an additional layer of protection, safeguarding the workspace and its occupants from negative influences such as wifi contamination, improper office furniture placement, and removal of artifacts that put off improper energy.

Improved Atmosphere: Honoring 'the spirit of the office' promotes a sense of positivity and cohesion among team members, also contributing to a more pleasant work environment. You would be setting a standard for your employees that they can use in their homes for well-being.

Cultivating Gratitude: Developing a relationship with 'the spirit of the place' encourages gratitude for the unseen universal forces contributing to business success, fostering a workplace appreciation culture—the perfect vibration for manifesting more business growth and abundance. 

Why Hire a Professional Dowser: While these tips are invaluable for creating a harmonious environment, enlisting the expertise of a professional dowser takes it to the next level. A dowser can conduct a deep dive into the energies of the space, uncovering hidden dynamics and offering personalized recommendations for optimization. With their guidance, you can ensure that your newborn's bedroom is infused with the most positive and nurturing energy from the start.

In Conclusion

Your office is not just a place of work; it's a dynamic space where the spirit of growth and revenue can flourish. By fostering teamwork, maintaining open communication, and celebrating achievements, you contribute to the vibrant energy that makes your office a hub of success and prosperity. Follow these tips, embrace the enchantment of 'the spirit of the office,' and watch as the ventures of growth and revenue unfold in your professional realm. Remember to find the power spot in your office, a super positive energy center.

For more information on your home or business energetic hygiene come visit our dowsing page by clicking here:

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This was a fatastic write up! Thank you.

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