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Are you and your partner looking to deepen your spiritual connection and foster emotional healing?

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Communication is 70% non-verbal. We focus mainly on the non-verbal and subtle energies of relations. Let’s face it relationships are at an all-time low:

  • Only 20% of women orgasm vaginally without mouth, toys, or finger stimulation.

  • 60% Marriage failure; 2 years is considered the new standard time frame

  • Lack of education and awareness leads to more frustration

  • Your relationship feels comfortable but stagnant

Even if you used Tantra to do something different in your relationship, you are investing in your future. Harvard studies have proven that nurturing relationships increase our health, wealth, quality of life, longevity of life, and more. When relationships were:

  • Nurturing: care for and encourage the growth or development of

  • Dependable: trustworthy and reliable

  • Affectionate: expressing fondness

Let’s start with Tantra:

  • Spiritual practice and skills and tools needed to deepen spiritual connection

  • One way to Kundalini's awakening

  • Nurture your romantic relationship through proven ancient techniques.

  • Promotes Good Relationship Hygiene

  • Express your love and gratitude for one another on an affectionate energetic level. (Again, 70% of communication is non-verbal)

deepen spiritual connection

Now let’s talk more about the not-so-good or negative Environment Energies.

Self environment:

  • Soul contracts and vows from the past do not deal with

  • Parallel, past life, or ancestor epigenetics

  • Soul Fractures

Home, business, environment:

  • Divorce houses (there are marriage houses, too. This is good.)

  • Hartman lines

  • Curry Line

  • Negative occurrences at a place, i.e., violence, murder, rape, war, torture

What are some symptoms:

  • Aggression, migraines, bed wetting, cancer, tumors, continuous crying babies, infertility, sexual issues, poor sleep, not responding to medical treatment, etc.

  • abnormal growth in tree trunks

  • Cats love geopathic stress. Look where they hang out.

What can we do to gain awareness and correct this?

This is where part two of my story comes into play. Dowsing solves all of those issues and more.


Dowsing is a type of divination to locate ground water, buried metals or "earth vibrations, and many other objects. There are three types of Dowsing informational, tracking, and directional.


  • Connection with Earth and Nature

  • Connection with higher self or God self (gain confidence)

  • Gain intuition and clairvoyant skills (Spiritual growth)

  • Heal self and others (family, practitioners)

  • Dowsing is so dynamic that your imagination is your only limitation

  • Able to see results in a tangible way

  • Explore Nature and sacred sites with new awareness

I use them in my Tantra and other healing sessions, ask questions when I plan out my week, go in Nature and find the best place to zen, dream interpretation, and more.

In my master class, I give three techniques to turn your love profile around fast.

Not only do I teach YOU basic tantra techniques to relate authentically to yourself, but I also train you in the art of reflexology so that you can master the area of clearing the body and activating hidden intimacy potential in your relationship. And lastly, nurture all that hard work in gains in a clear space that is not sabotaging you or your family.

So if you're looking for a community, course, or teacher that teaches you how to trust your inner self, develop confidence and gifts you never knew you had, and foster a loving relationship with your significant other and family, this is your sign.

Just click below to schedule a 15-minute call and learn how we are going to create that life of confidence, healing, bliss-filled, and harmonic in the next 60 days.


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