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Sweep Away the Unseen Tension

Welcome a wave of calm and contentment that transforms your living or working space into a true haven of peace.

Coupling & Cowry


Your Space Shouldn't Be a Source Of Stress

The energy within your home or office doesn’t just fill the air; it saturates every moment, influencing feelings, interactions, and even the success of your achievements.

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It’s crucial to consider what your environment is saying to you and others:

Homeowners, ever walk into a room in your house and just feel uncomfortable or super drained?

Real Estate Agents, got a property that's just perfect on paper but buyers just aren't feeling it?

Business Owners, feeling like there’s an unseen wall preventing you or your team from innovating or moving forward?

Noticing increased tension or misunderstandings at home or within your team, affecting harmony and productivity?

Lost a important object, document or meaningful treasure?

These are all tell-tale signs that the energy around you is asking for a bit of TLC.

Who We Are 

Hi! I’m Tamanna, and I’m ready to help you clear the energy around you.

What If Your Space Could Make You Happier ?

Think of your space as a garden. Just as plants need the right environment to blossom, so do we. When the energy around us is off, everything from our sleep to our stress levels can take a nosedive. But here’s the good news: with a little bit of dowsing, we can turn things around.

But, What Exactly Is Dowsing ?

Dowsing is an ancient practice used to detect and influence the invisible energies that surround us.
Using tools like rods or pendulums, I can identify and harmonize imbalances in the energy fields of spaces, objects, and even people.
It’s like tuning an instrument to ensure it plays in perfect harmony, making dowsing a powerful method to transform and uplift the energy of your home or workplace. I foster an environment where well-being, creativity, and peace flourish.


You Deserve To Feel Awesome In Your Space , Without That Nagging Sense Of Unease Or Stress.

Since 20XX, I've been working to make homes and businesses feel just right with my dowsing skills

Dowser listed for geophysical services on SAMS: Currently listed as a federal contractor for these services.

Officially a Pro Dowser: Master Dowser from the Esoteric College certified by the British Assoication of Dowsers and I am a current member of the National Assoication of Dowers in the US. I know my stuff when it comes to dowsing.

Cleared quite a bit of Spaces: I've fixed the vibes in so many places, making each one a happier spot.


Bringing Balance To Homes And Offices In

From East to West Coast, I’ve had the privilege of helping people just like you shift the energy in their spaces.

Now, I'm offering dowsing services in :

United States

Ready For a Space That Inspires You ?

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Make Your Home Your Happiest Place

Get Along Better: Say goodbye to arguments and hello to fun times with family and friends.

Sleep Like a Baby: Every night, you'll fall asleep fast and wake up feeling great.

Relax and Unwind: Your house becomes the go-to spot for chilling out and having a good time.

Boost Your Business With An Energized Workspace

Work Smoother, Not Harder: Our dowsing clears the way for you and your team to tackle tasks without tension and negative energy.

Ideas Flow Nonstop: Set the stage for endless creativity with an environment fine-tuned for brainstorming brilliance.

Keep Everyone Calm and Focused: Transform your office into a stress-free zone, where calm and focus are the norms, not the exception.


Boost Your Treasure Hunting Scores With a Master Dowser

Work Smoother, Not Harder: Save time and effort by honing in on the most promising areas with ease.

Guidance: Modern approach to an ancient technique providing new insights for uncovering lost objects leaving no stone left unturned.

Get insights ahead of time: Transform your search in advance with the art of geomancy or map dowsing ahead of boots on the ground.

Sell Property Fast And Feel Great

Make Buyers Feel At Home: Our dowsing makes every visit a warm welcome, turning “just looking” into “this is the one.”

Sell Fast, Sell Happy: Speed up sales by ensuring your property vibes just right, making it irresistible to buyers.

Stand Out in the Market: Give your listing a unique edge with an energy that speaks of comfort and harmony, attracting more interest and better offers.

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Thank so very much for an increalbly informative class. I learned a  alot of information and felt comfortable implementing what we learned immediately after class.

Client Reviews

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Dr. Felicia Clark

Energetic Space Clearing For Harmony And Growth

Home Sanctuary Package

Energy clearing for the entire home

Personalized energy assessment

Follow-up support to ensure lasting harmony

Guidance with maintaining positive energy flow

Use of traditional dowsing tools to balance energy

Ideal For

  • Creating peaceful living environments

  • New homeowners wanting to start fresh

  • Enhancing sleep quality and family      harmony

Order Now

Business Booster Package

Full dowsing service for business spaces up to 5000

Customized energy mapping for optimal flow

Dowsing intervention for workplace harmony

Post-service check-in to measure improvements

Recommendations for sustaining a vibrant work atmosphere

Ideal For

  • Offices and coworking spaces

  • Retail locations and restaurants

  • Service-oriented businesses seeking a productivity lift

Order Now

Real Estate Ready Package

Specialized dowsing for properties on the market

Energy enhancement to attract potential buyers

Rapid turnaround for urgent listings

Boost in property appeal through vibrational alignment

Ideal For

  • Home sellers and real estate agents

  • Retail locations and restaurants

  • Investment properties

Order Now

How Our Dowsing Works

Think of it as giving your place a breath of fresh air

Step 1 - Let's Chat:

Contact us to set up a time to talk about what you need and how your home or office feels right now.


Step 2 - Clear the Energy:

I’ll check out your space, figure out where the bad energy is coming from, and start fixing it. 

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Step 3 - Enjoy Your Space:

You’ll notice the difference right away. Your space becomes a better place to live or work.


Step 4 - Stay Tuned: 

I’m here with tips and tricks to keep your place feeling great.


Wondering How Energy Clearing Can Transform Your Space?

Let's explore how dowsing can revitalize your home or office, bringing harmony, positivity, and enhanced well-being into your daily life.

  • What is dowsing energy clearing?
    Dowsing energy clearing is a holistic approach to improving the energy flow in your home or office. It involves identifying and neutralizing negative or stagnant energies to create a harmonious environment.
  • How does dowsing energy clearing work?
    I use tools and intuition to detect energy imbalances within a space. Through a series of techniques, including the use of dowsing rods we clear these imbalances, allowing positive energy to flow freely.
  • What are the benefits of dowsing energy clearing?
    Benefits include improved well-being, enhanced mood, better sleep quality, increased productivity and creativity, and a more peaceful and harmonious living or working environment.
  • How long does a dowsing session take?
    A typical session can last between 2 to 6 hours, depending on the size of the space and the extent of energy imbalances present.
  • Will I notice a difference immediately?
    Many clients report feeling a shift in the atmosphere and their mood right away. However, the full benefits of the clearing may unfold over several days as the energy continues to settle and balance.
  • Is dowsing safe for everyone in the home, including pets?
    Absolutely! Dowsing is a non-intrusive, safe practice that benefits everyone in the space, pets included. It involves no chemicals or loud noises that might disturb household members or animals.
  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for a dowsing session?
    We recommend a brief discussion about any particular areas of concern you may have some service require map or layouts of subject area. Otherwise, no special preparation is needed on your part. We'll handle all aspects of the energy clearing.
  • Can dowsing help with selling my property?
    Yes, dowsing can significantly enhance the appeal of a property by clearing negative energies that might be deterring potential buyers. A harmonious energy can make the space more inviting and attractive to those looking to purchase.
  • How often should I have my space dowsed?
    It depends on your environment and lifestyle. Some choose to have a clearing with the change of seasons, after moving into a new space, or during times of significant life changes. We can discuss and recommend a schedule that best fits your needs.
  • How does dowsing work to locate lost objects?
    Dowsing, also known as water witching or divining, I use pendulum and L-rods tools respond to the subconscious mind to guiding me toward the location of the desired object. Q11: What types of objects can be located using dowsing? Dowsing can potentially be used to locate a wide range of objects, including underground water sources, buried utilities, archaeological artifacts, lost personal items, and even missing persons. However, the effectiveness of dowsing may vary depending on factors such as the skill of the dowser, the environmental conditions, and the nature of the object being sought.
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